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Eye Brochures

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Updated! New layout and flow for choosing a wellness solution brochure.

Newly designed Eye Brochures are full color, highest quality paper and printing.

This Eye brochure is just like the Patient brochure which includes information about the patient's scanner results, describes free radicals and antioxidants, the doctor's supplement recommendation, adr instructions, why physicians trust Pharmanex, and product authenticity. In addition it has a visual of a healthy eye and an eye with Macular Degeneration. In the Order section the Patient can choose to order the EYE formula with the Optimum Omega.

5 different forms all in one easy to understand brochure! No need to print different forms, have everything organized in one place that your patients can take home.

Ordering your brochures is simple, easy and secure.

1. Order: Fill out the information you'd like on the brochure

2. Proof: In 24 hours you will be emailed a proof. Review and if everything is perfect, reply to the email with "I Approve".

3. Delivery: 7 to 10 business days you will receive your order.

Please leave blank if you don't want to personalize your brochures.


Shipping & Returns

All orders are printed once approved and will ship within 2-4 days. Shipping takes 5-7 business days to arrive.

Custom orders cannot be returned once they are approved. If its a printing or shipping error please contact us immediately.

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8X11 Trifold 100 lb. Gloss Book